Ab Main Kaun Upao Karoon - Raag Dhanasri

Following is a recording of Guru Tegh Bahadur's shabad "Ab Main Kaun Upao Karoon" that I recently finished mastering. This is the first of six shabads I collaborated with Pandit Rajendra Prasanna, an eminent classical musician from Delhi. The shabad is sung in Raag Dhanasri, and a downloadable version of this shabad, like others, is available on Reverbnation. Hopefully I will post some more shabads from that collaboration, and from others that I currently am in.

I have found it hard to translate Gurbani word to word, however, I have found it useful for myself to write my own understanding of every shabad. Here is my understanding of Ab Main Kaun Upao Karoon:

How should I find the boat
That sails the sea of life
How should I find the star
That shows the path thats right

I've got the gift of life
But deeds are far from good
I've got the gift of heart
but true love has withstood

I've got the gift of tongue
but it doesnt chanting do
In thought, speech and deed
I havent remembered you

I've got my daily bread
There is all reason to grow
A beautiful mind to learn
all there is to know.

I know I've got your help
But wisdom fails to sprout
As a pig I flood my belly
my mind remains in drought

Take me on the boat
That sails me across
Be my guiding star
so I am never lost


Guru Tegh Bahadur was such a spiritual person- no, not person- a Star- sir tussi aisja tarannum deetta hai, mai raatti so nai sakeya-te tuadda translation te alokik hai- satt naam wahe guru-sarbatt da bhala hove...