New Trend in WebKirtan - Live Videos

I was surfing this morning and found that Sikhnet was broadcasting a live video of the Baisakhi program at LA. I remember having attended this program several years ago. It is fantastic to be able to see this event from miles away, and also to imagine that, in the future, we will have multiple live video streams to watch. Also, pretty nice to see chatters converse while the kirtan is going on. If you get this blogpost in time (if you are subscribed), you can visit this site and see the programs live now:

And I found another one; this is our Gurudwara in Espanola, New Mexico. If you tune in now you can hear kirtan done using tanti saaz.

Waheguru!!! Wonderful!
Time of Post: 11 AM, April 12 (Pacific Standard Time).