November 25, 2009

Warmth For the 2009 Winter - Tukhari Compilation

My favorites
Tukhari (Jhaptal) - Ghol Ghumai Laalna - Principle Baldev Singh
Saavan Saras Manaa - Prof. Shamshad Ali
Ghol Ghumai Lalna - Bhai Sarbjit Singh Rangila

Tukhari Compilation
Gur Ke Charan Jee Ka Nistaara - Live from Darbar Sahib, Nov 2009
Tukhari - Ghol Ghumaai Laalna Parkash Singh
Tukhari - Ghol ghumai Lalna - Bhai Kanwarpal Singh
Tukhari - Antar Piri Pyaar - Dilbagh Singh/Gulbagh Singh
Tukhari - Antar Piri Pyaar - Devinder Singh/Gulbagh Singh
Tukhari - Ghol Ghumai Lalna - Bhai Gurmej Singh
Madho Jal Kee Pyaas Na Jaye - Live from Darbar Sahib, Nov 2009
Tukhari - Ghol Ghumai Lalna - Bhai Sarbjit Singh Rangila
Tukhari - Saajan Des Videsariye - Bhai Surjit Singh
Tukhari - Saavan Saras Manaa - Dr. Gurnam Singh
Tukhari - Nirgun Raakh Liya - Bhai Avtar Singh

On Taus:
Tukhari on Taus - Bhai Sandeep Singh

More on Tukhari:
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November 11, 2009

Adding to repertoire

I always find raag-ful Shabad Kirtan enchanting; however, oftentimes the recording quality available on the web is disappointing. And I know you can empathize with these sentiments.

Which is why I point the effort at Present here are probably some of the better available live recordings on the internet. Try listening to some of those recordings on a headphone or a superior amplifier system. As you can hear, these recordings are definitely a treasure for us and future generations. And, thankfully for me, and the rest of kirtan premis, a treasure that seems to be growing gradually.

The recordings involve usage of large diaphragm microphones, which are a lot more sensitive in picking up nuances. And nuances are so important to classical music. Recently the recordings are done in a multi-track format, which can be later mixed.

While we enjoy the outcome of these, all this this takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. So we are thankful to Ajit Singh ji who does the recordings and manages the website. I will continue to write about these recordings as more are available.

Since it is the winter season, several new Raag Tukhari recordings can be found in the most recent posting at the site. Usage of shudha ma and komal ni differentiate Tukhari from Madhuvanti. My favorite Tukhari in this program is by Bhai Devinder Singh/Gulbagh Singh:

Tukhari - Antar Piree Piaar - Devinder-Gulbagh Singh

The rest of the recordings from this program can be found here:
Malton Oct 4

And before I bid happy thanksgiving, I want to point out that yesterday, started its new audio offering: This looks very interesting and adds a 'social' theme to the listening of Gurbani and adds some really innovative features. Two that stood out in my first drive: when you click on one shabad, you can get renditions of the same shabad by other artists; the media player includes a rolling translation of the shabad. Kudos Gurmustuk!!!
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November 2, 2009

Kal Taaran Guru Nanak Aaya - Bageshree

"Guru Nanak" in Raag Bageshri:

Happy Gurpurab folks!!! I have been singing Bhai Gurdas' Vaar Kal Taaran Guru Nanak Aaya in Bageshree since the mid-90s. This weekend I made a recording of this shabad mixing in a country ballad style. Following is a copy of yesterday's recording. Feel free to listen, download, and pass along to friends and family.

Feb 16, 2011 Update
Here is my interpretation of this Vaar:

How fortunate am I
The supreme giver
has infinite mercy upon me
and sent for me none other
than my dear Guru Nanak
to be my guide

My Guru travels far
and learns from the learned
He is the wisest I've know
still he meets everyone
with a peculiar humility
strange to our world
How fortunate am I

And he teaches me
the way to learn by example
He travels many million miles.
And when his feet are washed
Particles of his noble ways
make sweet ambrosial nectar
a drop of which I get to drink
How fortunate am I

With that luminious drop
all fog starts to disappear
Himself my dear Guru shows me
there is no difference betwee
one who knows everything
and the mysterious one
that no one can fully fathom
How fortunate am I

This world of ours has
those of different religions
those of disparate social strata
some rich live the lives of king
others, paupers, just survive
they have all, in one drop.,
through his blessed vision
become ONE for me
How fortunate am I

At times when
everything looks dark
he lights my path
with the torch of the
mantra of truth, Satnam!
My dear Guru Nanank
has removed my darkness
How fortunate am I
How fortunate am I

Nov 25 Update:
Based on a request in the comments area, following is the notation for one of the guitar parts -- the actual notation is tough to read and play -- but this is a simplified version that works as well. Every two bars is one line of the shabad as follows:

Kal taaran Guru Nanak aayaa - 4
Suni Pukaar Dataar Prabh - 2
Guru Nanak Jag Mahe Pathayaa - 2
Charan Dhoye Rehraas Kar - 2
Charanaamrit Sikhaan Pilayaa - 2
(Rest of the verses repeats similarly)

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